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Created by Jewish Christians in the Adventist faith

Created by Jewish Christians in the Adventist faith


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April 10, 2024 Erin Parfet

Birkat Ha’Ilanot

For now, the winter has passed, and the rains are over and gone. The blossoms have appeared on the land. The time for pruning has come. Song of Songs 2:11
The Doom of Babylon
April 09, 2024 Daniel Gordan

The Downfall of Babylon: Lessons for Today

Revelation 18 There are many parallels between the ancient city’s corruption and the moral decay of contemporary society. In this lecture, we will study these parallels, reflect on our own actions,…
star of david

Star of David

Apr 04, 2024 Erin Parfet
The Star of David (also known as the Shield of David or Magen David) is an internationally recognized emblem of both Israel and the Jewish people, though the symbol itself predates being adopted by the world’s oldest monotheistic religion by…
The Doom of Babylon

The Doom of Babylon: Mystery and Judgment

Apr 02, 2024 Daniel Gordan
Revelation 17 The text of Revelation 17 is filled with profound symbolism and mysteries. We will explore the imagery of the woman, the Beast, and the Lamb, unraveling the prophetic messages embedded in this chapter. From the harlot's seduction to…
The Symphony of Judgment

The Symphony of Judgment: The Bowls of Wrath

Mar 28, 2024 Daniel Gordan
Contemplate the symphony of divine justice as we explore the vivid imagery of Revelation chapters 15 and 16. This lecture unpacks the poetic and powerful language used to describe the bowls of wrath, revealing a harmonious orchestration of God's…


Mar 27, 2024 Erin Parfet
The Yiddish (“Jewish”) language, derived from medieval west High German but also intermingled with Hebrew, Aramaic, and different Slavic and Romance languages, became the vernacular of the Ashkenazi Jews (Jewish people of German or Eastern European…


Mar 22, 2024 Erin Parfet
Set in the land of the Persian city of Shushan, located in modern-day Iran, the story of Purim (“Festival of Lots,” as derived from the ancient Persian language) depicts the Book of Esther and Haman’s plot to exterminate all the Jewish people living…
Angelic Warnings and Eternal Choices

Angelic Warnings and Eternal Choices

Mar 22, 2024 Daniel Gordan
In this lecture, we will unpack Revelation 14:6-12 and attempt to understand the urgency behind the angelic proclamations. We will discover the call to fear God, give Him glory, the consequences of aligning with the wrong powers, and the fall of…


Mar 14, 2024 Erin Parfet
Challah bread, translated from the Hebrew as referring to a cake, loaf, or morsel of bread, is a well-known food served at the weekly Shabbat as well as other various holidays, excluding Passover. Numbers 15:18–21 serves as the first reference to…

Why Do Jews Cover Their Heads?

Mar 13, 2024 Aaron Schatz
Why do Jews cover their heads when they pray or read the Torah? What does Paul mean when he says, “Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered disgraces his own head” (1 Cor. 11:4)?

More Publications

Bagels and Lox

Neither bagels nor lox originated in the Big Apple, or in America, for that matter. Yet the combination of bagels and lox was somewhat accidental and…
Erin Parfet

Lecha Dodi

Lecha Dodi (“Come my Friend”) is a well-known eight-stanza hymn of mystical origins that is commonly sung at Friday night synagogue services to usher…
Erin Parfet
calandar leap month

Jewish Leap Year

Unlike the leap year in the Gregorian calendar, which is limited to adding one day at the end of February to compensate for imprecise astronomical…
Erin Parfet

Jesus the Jew

An interesting story happened more than 100 years ago in Germany. Rabbi Abraham Geiger presented a book that described Jesus in the context of…
Alexander Bolotnikov


The end of January and early February tend to be a beautiful time in Israel, with a kaleidoscope of pink and white blossoms peppering the otherwise…
Erin Parfet

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Though nations around the world may and do choose to honor their own national versions of Holocaust remembrance on different days throughout the…
Erin Parfet

Tu BiSh’vat

When God led Adam around the Garden of Eden, God said, ‘Look at My works. See how beautiful they are! How excellent! For your sake, I created them…
Erin Parfet


Efrat, a nonpartisan, nonprofit pregnancy center founded by Herschel Feigenbaum, a Holocaust survivor who passionately believed that “children are…
Erin Parfet


"Guard our coming and our going; grant us life and peace, now and always. (Siddur Sim Shalom, p. 33) (ufros aleinu sukat sh’lomecha) "Spread over us…
Erin Parfet

Ma’oz Tzur

As one of the most popular Chanukah hymns and most well-known Jewish melodies, Ma’oz Tzur (“strong rock of my salvation” in English, with the name…
Erin Parfet

Enjoy the Archives

Unlocking the Doors of Blessings

Unlocking the Doors of Blessings. Lecture 14

Yeshua says, "Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you" (Matt. 7:7 TLV). Let us study this text together!
Daniel Gordan

Yeshua and Moshe. Lecture 1

By watching this lecture, you can gain insights into the practical significance of the parallels between the Sermon on the Mount and the Mosaic Covenant.
Daniel Gordan

Divorce. Lecture 7

Very often, people say that Moses allowed divorce. Did he really allow that? What are the apodictic and casuistic types of law material? How does it influence our…
Daniel Gordan
Building on The Rock

Building on The Rock. Lecture 16

As the Teacher vividly describes the storms of life—rain, floods, and winds—His message resonates with everyone facing challenges and trials. By encouraging a life of…
Daniel Gordan

Not to Abolish but to Fulfill. Lecture 4

In contemporary Christian belief, there is a widespread notion that the Law of Moses has been nullified or invalidated. However, Yeshua's assertion in Matthew 5:17…
Daniel Gordan

Secret Righteousness. Lecture 9

The desire for societal acceptance is a prevalent motive among individuals, stemming from various factors. It is expected that the righteousness exhibited by disciples…
Daniel Gordan

Blessings of the Covenant. Lecture 2

Within the Mosaic Covenant, a multitude of blessings and curses are found as a continuation of its main provisions. In a similar fashion, the Sermon on the Mount, which…
Daniel Gordan

The Wide and Narrow. Lecture 15

The Teacher urges everyone to seek the narrow gate, representing a life of righteousness and spiritual growth that, though challenging to follow, ultimately leads to…
Daniel Gordan

The Currency of Righteousness. Lecture 11

In this lecture, we will focus on Yeshua's message about the dangers of being consumed by material wealth. Yeshua imparts a powerful lesson, emphasizing that true…
Daniel Gordan

Commandments of the Teacher and My Life

We studied the commandments of the Teacher and found that they were part of the New Covenant. We talked about the relevance of the Torah, correct motivation, the Lord’s…
Daniel Gordan

Beseech the Lord of the Harvest!

In the Gospel, there are the words of Yeshua, "Beseech the Lord of the Harvest!" Discover the deeper meaning behind this timeless teaching and explore its significance…
Daniel Gordan

In the Way You Judge. Lecture 13

Dive into the timeless teachings of Matthew 7:1-5 and explore the profound concept of non-judgment, learning to refrain from passing judgments on others. Discover the…
Daniel Gordan

You Shall Not Murder. Lecture 5

Within this lecture, our focal point will be directed towards specific elements encompassing murder, the altar, one's brother, and offerings, all of which are found in…
Daniel Gordan

The Lord's Prayer. Lecture 10

I often ask people, "How much of the Lord's Prayer is about our daily needs?" Surprisingly, many of the people I ask say, "It's a big part," or even "It's the most…
Daniel Gordan

Vows and Non-Resistance. Lecture 8

Yeshua prohibited vows. What does it mean? How do I practice that? What if the government wants me to do that? Why did Yeshua command us to be non-resistant?
Daniel Gordan

Everyone Who Looks. Lecture 6

The book of Sirach 9:8 reads, "Turn away your eyes from a shapely woman, and do not gaze at beauty belonging to another" (NRSV). Yeshua is even more radical; in Matthew…
Daniel Gordan

Pagan Anxiety. Lecture 12

In Matthew 6:25, Yeshua says, “Do not worry about your life." Discover how trusting God enables us to overcome anxiety as we learn to prioritize life's true meaning…
Daniel Gordan

Servants of the Covenant. Lecture 3

Yeshua employed a renowned symbol, salt, to make a comparison with His disciples. What spiritual insights can be gleaned from this analogy?
Daniel Gordan

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